Copyright & Trademark

Welcome to the Myspace Copyright and Trademark help guide. Copyright and trademark are two distinct legal concepts that protect an individual’s or a party’s intellectual property rights. Myspace is committed to educating our members about copyrights and trademarks, as well as protecting the intellectual property of artists and rights holders.

  • Copyright is a form of legal protection given to authors of original works, such as a song, video, or literary work. Our Copyright FAQs help guide has more information about copyright, copyright registration, and the DMCA.  To report an infringement of your copyrighted content, please visit our Reporting Copyright Infringement help guide.
  • A Trademark is word, phrase, or logo that is used by an individual, business or organization to identify the individual, business or organization or a product or service that they offer in the marketplace. Please visit our Trademark FAQs page to learn more about trademarks.  You may visit our Trademark Infringement Policy help guide if you believe your trademark has been infringed on Myspace.