Block Another Profile

How to block

  1. Hover over the display image
  2. Hover over the connect icon that appears in the upper-right-hand corner of the image
  3. Select Block

How to unblock 
If you change your mind about someone you may have blocked we’ve stored all members you’ve blocked under Settings>Profile.

  1. Click the gear  to the right of your name for settings
  2. Select Account 
  3. Select Blocked Users
  4. Hover over the profile you would like to unblock
  5. Select Unblock

What happens if I block someone?
Blocking a profile will remove a current connection and prevent a member from connecting to your profile and vice versa. You and the blocked member will not be able to connect or comment on each other’s profile. Block will also prevent users from sending you a private message.

Keep in mind

  • If your profile is public, blocked members can view all of your activity and play your Mixes
  • Blocked members cannot connect or comment on your content
  • Blocking a person does not remove past interactions with your content. If they were connected to a Mix, photo, etc. they’re still connected.
  • You can only block and unblock from a desktop computer