Summary Of Changes To Privacy Policy: June 10, 2013

We have revised our Privacy Policy as of June 10, 2013. Please note that this summary is provided to help your review of changes to the Policy. Please carefully review the entire Policy prior to agreeing to be bound by it. We use certain capitalized terms in this summary. The definitions of these capitalized terms can be found in the Policy.

The goal of this revision is to make the Policy more user-friendly. We revised the Policy to make it less legalistic, more easily readable, and we reduced redundant disclosures. Please note that some of the section numbers have changed as a result of consolidation and simplification of disclosure. We removed references to the classic Myspace since we are rolling out the new Myspace platform in its place. References in the Policy to our sister company, Specific Media, have been expanded to include other IMH affiliates, including Specific Media, Vindico and Site Meter. We added certain disclosures related to recent legal developments. We reduced the use of defined terms and moved others to a “Key Terms” page in order to simplify the Policy and make the definitions of common terms easier to find. We revised certain disclosure about general and product specific privacy settings to reflect product updates. We clarified that we may share certain of your information with our service providers. We clarified that you may be served with advertising on the Myspace Services and on third party websites and platforms based on information about we collect or receive about you both on and off the Myspace Services. We also clarified that content recommendations may be based on information we collect or receive both on and off of the Myspace Services.

Again, this is only a summary and is not a complete description of all changes. Please carefully review the entire Policy in order to more fully understand our practices.

The full terms of use, privacy policy,  and summary of all changes are available below.