Send a Message

Easily reach out to familiar faces, or make new ones by messaging them on Myspace.  

Getting Started

  1. Click on the message  icon located at the bottom of your browser
  2. Select View All to see all your messages under Inbox, Other, and Archived
  3. Select New Message to compose a new message to a connection or someone new, just type their name 
  4. messages.jpg

Keep in Mind

  • Selecting enter or clicking send will send the message
  • If you are connected to the user the message will always appear in your Inbox and vice versa 
  • If you are not connected to the user and they message you, it will appear in the Other folder
  • Messages cannot be completely deleted, move the messages to archive to clean up your Inbox or Other folder 
  • Is someone bothering you? Blocking them is the best way to control who messages you. If you believe this person is going to be a problem for others, don't hesitate on reporting them . Reporting troublemakers is the best way to make sure that the experience you have remains positive. Learn more about Report Abuse and Blocking.
  • Messaging is available mobile web