Where Your Videos Are Located

Your videos are located in two places. The videos that appear when you select Videos from your profile are viewable by your connections and other users if your profile is public.

If you go to Upload>Videos you can delete, change the privacy settings, and make updates to the video information.

My videos are not appearing when I go to my profile>videos 

If there is a lock icon  to the right of the video information the profile is set to private. That means only you can see the video.

To make the video public

  1. Select the pencil icon 
  2. Uncheck the box for Privacy
  3. Select Save

Missing Videos

If you are missing videos we did not transfer them from the old to the new site. The videos no longer met our requirements or violated our terms of service.

All FLV videos can no longer be played due to an update to the player. We updated our player to HTML5. Unfortunately, we do not offer a way to play or download these videos.