Report a Bug

If you notice something isn't working you may want to try some of our troubleshooting tips

And if that doesn't work we want to know. Please fill out our Bug and Error report form. For all issues related to the Music Player, please fill out our Music Report form.   

Helpful information when reporting a bug:

  1. What browser and operating system are you using?
  2. Did you receive an error message? If yes, what was the exact error message?
  3. Have you cleared your browsing history and cache?
  4. Have you tried using a different browser/computer?
  5. When did this problem first occur?
  6. Any steps that can assist with recreating what you encountered 
  7. A screen shot 
  8. Links to songs, profiles, videos, etc. that would be helpful 

Music Player Issue

If you've run into any issues with the music player, it's really helpful if you can include the console logs. To obtain the console logs, please follow the below. 

  1. Right click over the music player and select Inspect element
  2. Select Console
  3. Copy/screen shot what appears in the console logs. If there is an error, it will be listed in red

Please include this information in the description or as an attachment.