Verified profiles

Throughout the site you will see various artist and profiles that include the blue flag on their profile photo. This is a feature that is set by Myspace in order to help identify an individual, artist, or brand to the Myspace community. In an online world where millions of profiles exist for every type of person, place or thing imaginable, we are determined to make sure you can discover and connect to high value, quality content and the people that create it. These verified individuals and organizations that work with Myspace to establish their presence on the site. They are authenticated as belonging to those specific individuals, or their representatives.

How do I get Verified?
Right now, Myspace does not accept requests for verification. We work with our partners and various media groups on an ongoing basis to verify profiles to confirm ownership.

Because we interact on a daily basis with the Myspace community, we also want to recognize individuals who contribute to, and enhance the Myspace experience for others. Although we don’t accept requests for verification, it does not mean you are not eligible for the blue flag. We talk to our users constantly and are proactively reaching out to individuals we see are making positive waves through the community. If you are one of these people, let us know and keep doing it! Your voice will be heard and we will make sure that your profile is properly identified with the Verification flag.

We may be changing this policy and process as our community grows so please keep your eyes and ears open for any updates from Myspace.