Set your Privacy on Myspace

Staying on top of your privacy settings is important. We have outlined some helpful information regarding privacy on Myspace.


There are two privacy settings on Myspace: Restricted and Public. If the profile set to public, anyone can view your profile. If the profile is set to restricted, members cannot connect to you, until you've approved. Only profile pictures and cover images can be viewed on restricted profiles.

The privacy settings of your profile will be set to public if you select any combination of the following: Musician, Filmmaker, DJ/Producer, Brand, Venue and Comedian. Selecting any of the aforementioned account types will not allow you to select restricted profile.


When creating a Mix, you have the option to hide it from public view. You can change the visibility of your Mix at any time by going to the Mix and selecting the lock symbol above your songs.

The Deck

You can privately listen to music and watch videos by clicking on the plays button on the top right corner. Public plays appear on your profile stream as well as your Connections home stream. If plays are listed as private, users will be unable to see what you’re listening to.
If your account is synced with Facebook, you can decide if you want your song plays published to your wall.

Chat (left of Discover) allows you to privately interact with members. If you don't feel like chatting, change your status to offline.


You can block someone if you object to members connecting to your profile. Blocking a member removes their connection from your profile and prevents them from connecting back to you.

To unblock, visit their profile, hover over the connect icon and select unblock.

Minimum Age for using Myspace

Due to the legal restrictions imposed by the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we are unable to collect information for any person under the age of 13. Users are required to be a minimum of 13 years of age in order to register for Myspace.